Our Sweet and Sassy Valentine Promo Tour~Loaded with Pizzazz

February 16, 2018

Our Sweet and Sassy Valentine Promo Tour is loaded with Pizzazz and we hope you’ll join us for the celebration! February 16-23! Free to enter and perhaps win a prize from yours truly! 

Introducing our wonderful host Tami Adams, courtesy of The Magic of Books Promotions: Please hop by here and say hello! She's awesome! 

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Here's the goodies regarding our Sweet and Sassy Valentine Anthology >>

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Title: SWEET AND SASSY VALENTINE ➜➜  http://amzn.to/2GXsQvE
The Authors: Mona Risk,‎ Jacquie Biggar,‎ Dani Haviland,‎ Tamara Ferguson,‎ Suzanne Jenkins,‎ Alicia Street,‎ Leanne Banks,‎ Joan Reeves,‎ Cynthia Cooke,‎ Taylor Lee,‎ Susan Jean Ricci,‎ Natalie Ann

Genre: Mixed Romance (sweet to mild heat) There's something here for every reader's taste!

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More About Our Romantic, Bestselling Collection Sweet and Sassy Valentine‬:

Readers choose to read Romance fiction because it speaks to their need to love and be loved.

Authors choose to write romance because they understand that Love is the greatest force on earth. We write, not fantasy, but the reality that love can be found when one least expects it. Just ask any senior citizen who is in love what it feels like. She or he will tell you that it feels the same way at eighty as it felt at eighteen.

We wanted each of you to have a special Valentine romance to cherish so we created this collection with stories of varying “heat” levels—from sweet romance to downright sexy—so you’re bound to find the kind of romance you love.

We, the twelve authors of SWEET AND SASSY ROMANCE, dedicate this Valentine Collection to you, the Hopeful Romantic!

Keep hoping
. You can never tell whom you may meet tomorrow or whom you may already know that you
suddenly see in a different way.

If you’ve ever been struck by Cupid’s Arrow
you know Love has the power to change you and your world.

Cherish this collection of stories with varying “heat” levels—from sweet romance to downright sexy. You’re bound to find the kind of romance you love. It’s never too late to live Happily Ever After!

Here are our NYT and USA Today Bestselling Contributing Authors and a Snippet of their stories:

VALENTINE BABIES, Mona Risk. What wouldn't the doctor do to save the life of the headstrong reporter and her baby?

WITH THIS HEART, Jacquie Biggar. What happens when two of Tidal Falls' most beloved citizens have second thoughts just before they get married?

THE BIGGEST HEART EVER, Dani Haviland. When would he learn that trying to do everything by himself could be deadly—and make her a widow before they were married?

THAT UNEXPECTED KISS, Tamara Ferguson. Can an undercover FBI Agent rescue the woman he loves when she’s targeted by his father’s killer?

BITTERSWEETS, Suzanne Jenkins. Will waiting for that perfect moment to take their relationship to the next level ever come, or does fate have other ideas?

THE SWEETHEART TEST, Alicia Street. Can the workaholic billionaire who wants the career-driven woman prove he can pass the sweetheart test?

MILLIONAIRE DAD, Leanne Banks. Can the woman and the millionaire who rescued her find forever love after their passionate love affair ended and a baby’s on the way?

SCENTS AND SENSUALITY, Joan Reeves. A science nerd and a man happy with his flavor-of-the-month dating habit try to put a desperate end to his mother’s matchmaking schemes.

HIS MAGIC TOUCH, Cynthia Cooke. Can Sera open her heart to Trent once more and rebuild the family she lost, or will she be fooled by his magic touch and lose everything.

LOVE ME TENDER, Taylor Lee. Tiffany and Brady kick up the heat on their simmering romance proving that TENDER LOVE can be sizzling HOT.

FLYING UPRIGHT, Susan Jean Ricci. After Monique’s skating partner and dearest friend suffers a serious accident, will their relationship regain momentum, or melt due to the past?

ALL FOR LOVE, Natalie Ann. A lost purse. A forbidden love. A bond forged through the test of time.

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November 11, 2017

Merry Christmas, my Friends: So, who's interested in winning a Grand Prize of $160 US PayPal dollars? How about some #FREE eBooks, Amazon Gift Cards, and much, much more? How about some swag? Then, Here’s Exciting Holiday News - Guaranteed to Boost Your Christmas Wish List! 

We're having a #FREE Giveaway! That's right! Absolutely FREE to participate. All you need do is click below our Christmas Extravaganza banner and it will take you straight to where YOU need to be for the best H...

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September 18, 2017





Our release day begins September 19, 2017, so Mark Your Calendars – You won’t want to Miss This Multi-Author

6 NYT and USA Today Bestselling authors come together to bring you romances guaranteed to make your blood run hot! Only 99c

Passion, suspense, mystery. Something to suit every reader's taste. Grab a blanket and curl up with us for an unforgettable escape.
Get yours today befo...

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We're having a FREE GIVEAWAY!

June 22, 2017
Hey! I’m Susan Jean Ricci and have I Got News For YOU!

Welcome to Our Better Than the Beach Summer Giveaway!

Come join us as we mosey along the sand, while the warm ocean waters tickle our toes. Included in our Giveaway are over 40 talented and award winning authors, who just want to give our cherished readers FREE stuff, as a way to give back for your awesome support. The prizes include FREE eBooks, Surprise Gifts, and $130 US PayPal Dollars! 

Below are my gifts to YOU, along with a Secret Su...

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Lament for the Dead Hairdryer

March 29, 2017

         I’m sure most of you ladies know, and probably some of you guys, when your hair is soaking wet after your shower and the hairdryer quits, it’s like a betrayal to humankind.

         Not to mention to your pride.

         My hair looks like crap when it’s not blown out (not that it’s great anyway), but I take it as a personal affront when I can’t style it due to a technical demise.


         Here are some suggestions to alleviate this crisi...

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Sometimes You Have to Take a Stand

March 22, 2016

 Just when I thought I’d met everyone who’s interesting, a charismatic persona took a stand for an issue that makes a difference that’s dear to our hearts. 
 He’s all over social media, poses for photo shoots, is musically inclined, and I'm willing to bet he’s a fine author, too.

Since I was already an avid fan of the Sesame Street Muppets, I easily became infatuated with my new, adorable furry friend, and HAD to know more about him!


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It's Liebster Award Time...Or, Positivity is Everything

February 26, 2016
    I couldn’t think of anyone less likely to receive the Liebster Award, but my talented author friend Christy King has faith in me, thus my nomination. Positive thoughts are key to a fulfilling existence no matter what kind of creativity you're into, and I'm excited beyond words to be included in this hand-clapping cool concept of sharing my blog with others.
    So, thank you, Christy, for this honor - I’m also 
grateful for the opportunity for the guest post.   
    Without furth...

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Show & Tell Time OR How I Got a New Crockpot - Recipe for Disaster

February 2, 2016
     After eight months of renovating the fixer-upper Joe and I bought last May, we’ve nearly completed the mission of having “Our Dream Home.” 
    Too bad we almost blew up the new kitchen the other night, but I’ll be getting to that.
    The air conditioning quit our second day in the new place, and cost an unplanned $4800 to replace. Leave it to spring to herald in the hottest May on record, while we literally baked in the glory of renesting.
     Demolishing the dated kitc...

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Please Welcome My Special Guest, Lizabeth Scott

January 8, 2016

Hello, Wonderful People! Please join me while I host my friend and author extraordinaire Lizabeth Scott as she celebrates her new release: 
  Sweet Temptations

SR: Howdy and welcome, Lizabeth. We’re eager to know more about you. So, just who is Lizabeth Scott? 

LS: A voracious reader, full-time writer wanna be, wife, mother, and PA to two terrier terrors. Liz is the author of The Royal Vow and Hearts of Gold Series and a Carolina girl who loves sand between her toes as frequently...

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What a Wonderful Year This Has Been

December 7, 2015
This has been a year filled with many triumphs and changes. As I reflect on these memories, I’d love to share some with you.

First, we welcomed my youngest daughter’s baby son into the world on April 25. Although he was a month early, he suffered no ill effects, and he’s a healthy robust, almost-eight-month-old! His personality radiates the best of both families, and we all love him to pieces! 

Career wise, I’ve recently had the honor of participating in an author’s dream-come-true.

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