Sometimes You Have to Take a Stand

March 22, 2016

 Just when I thought I’d met everyone who’s interesting, a charismatic persona took a stand for an issue that makes a difference that’s dear to our hearts. 
 He’s all over social media, poses for photo shoots, is musically inclined, and I'm willing to bet he’s a fine author, too.

Since I was already an avid fan of the Sesame Street Muppets, I easily became infatuated with my new, adorable furry friend, and HAD to know more about him!

This is how Max Bear rolls with my Sesame Street Buddy. They've become friends, too.
Introducing Max Bear – he’s a master of fashion and you never know how or where he’ll show up next.  

   For today, Max is making a special appearance on my blog. I asked in advance if his Human could tag along on his interview, and he’s graciously agreed. (She has his buy links, I'm sure). 

       So, grab a seat and your favorite beverage, and please welcome Max Bear and his favorite Human, Kristina Ball…

  How long have you been in the social media arena, Max? Is there anyone special who helped paved your way into the public eye?

Max:  I have been on social media for a little over a year, since Feb of 2015. My Human helped me, of course.

  Do you ever get tired of posing for those photo shoots? I must say you seem to be having a great time!

I never get tired of photo shoots! I love them. I love sharing my fuzzy self with the world. The more people see me the better, cuz I’m so cute.

                  Max Bear and His Fans

SR: Indeed you are, Max! I also see you’re musically inclined. Who introduced you to singing and what’s your favorite type of music? Are you as good at dancing as you are at singing?

Max: I love singing. Some people think I’m not very good, but I’m not that bad. I could be a lounge singer if I tried hard enough. My human wanted to be a singer, but I sing better than her. I do. She started me singing. I like all different types of music. As far as dancing, well, I’m not that great. I think I will just stick to singing.
I think it would be great fun to see you perform at a library or other venue for the children. Any plans in the works for guest appearances like that in the works?    

   Max:  I have had book signings at libraries before. It was a lot of fun. I like libraries a lot, because I love books and I love to read. My favorite book is the Story of Ferdinand.

Max Bear does a reading

SR:  Are you a sports fan? If so, who’s team are you following?
MaxYes, I love the Colts and Andrew Luck.

SR: My team didn't fare so well this past season, and this is why my little pal needs a new friend. You game?

Max: Whoa! Guess that's why your team went topsy-turvy last season - they should straighten up, I think! No offense, Sue.

SR: You are so right, Max, none taken! So, do you have your own laptop?
Max: Unfortunately, I have to share a laptop with my human, so we have to take turns. It is not an ideal situation, but we make it work. She does complain a little when I get honey on the keys though...  

SR:  I’ll bet, Max! Honey is tough on the keyboard, but humans tend to spill things on keyboards, too – like coffee and wine. Anyway, what inspired your Human to write a book about you? The artwork is phenomenal, I must say!

Max:   My human does NOT write my books - I do. I am the author. Max Bear. I write all my own books. She tries to take the credit. That is a complete fabrication. I am the author. Me. Max Bear. I have written six books.

SR That’s an impressive number of books, Max! You are very accomplished! When you’re not creating, what else do you do for fun, when you’re not busy with your modeling or singing? 

Max:  For fun, I like to hang out with my brothers and ride my bike, and swim in the summer, and someday my human is supposed to get me my very own Power Wheel. I’m still waiting for that Power Wheel... 

  Oh, my goodness, maybe Santa Claus will bring you one next Christmas, Max Bear. Umm…I was just wondering…Relationships can often be tough, albeit wonderful at the same time. How well do you and your Human get along?

              Max:  I would say my Human and me get along okay. She buys me stuff sometimes. And Sometimes she works too much and ignores me, and I don't like that. I have to remind her that I am still here. So I eat all her spinach or drink all her creamer.    

    SR: You might consider rethinking that one, Max, if you really want that Power  Wheel. Still, I think you deserve one because you work mighty hard. So, what's in store for Max Bear and his Human in the future? I'm sure everyone's as eager to know as I am.

Max:  My next book, Bears Against Bullies, will be out very soon! I am so excited!! I cannot wait. I hope this book will help because bullying is a very serious problem. I can’t wait for people to see how my best friend Froggie Nelsons and me handle bullying in this book.

SR: You are so spot on, Max. Bullying is a very serious and timely issue these days, especially in schools and on social media. I sincerely believe your new book will inspire both children and adults to think twice before saying mean things that will hurt others. I’m looking forward to reading it!
  SR:  I'm going to ask your human for your buy links and how to contact you, all right?

Max: Of course - she's great at sharing! 
    Find Max Bear on Facebook:
His Human, Kristina Ball, can be found on Twitter:

Thank you so much, Max, for taking the time to hop over and visit me! I had a great time getting to know you better – you are One Rocking Bear for sure! Must be past your bedtime though - so I'll say Sweet Dreams and looking forward to your new book about putting the kibosh on bullying! 

Max:  Nighty, Sue!


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