An Author Steps out of the Box

April 7, 2014

Today I’m tossing protocol aside and interviewing my alter ego. Please grab a seat, your favorite beverage and listen in, as I step out of the box regarding writing and moving into character.

I’m Susan Jean Ricci, author of the romantic comedy Dinosaurs & Cherry Stems and its sequel The Sugar Ticket. I’m also the behind-the-scenes keyboardist for several short stories including, A Super Sandy Christmas, Heart Marks the Spot, The Christmas Cardinal, and soon-to-be released, Two Miracles For Christmas.

Q: What has been your most formidable challenge with your writing career thus far?

A: Um, let me see. Avoiding procrastination is right up there with time wasted on social media. Don’t get me wrong, I love my twitter family and Facebook, but for a person with an addictive personality, the concept of nosing around those sites is very alluring. While I realize these outlets are a great way to gain new fans and friends, disciplining my time more effectively is key to writing more stories.

Q: If you were to go back and do things over again, is there something you’d change about your professional history?

A: No, not a thing. Writing rants for the newspaper when I was raising a family was a true learning experience and I got a big kick out of seeing those rants published. Much of my work was centralized on being an advocate for the Handicapped or the Military, albeit in writing. I took advantage of problems I saw going on in the community or the government, and used them to further educate those who would listen. I wrote several magazine articles regarding true to life issues, such as parenting a teen after divorce, things like that. Of course, writing the next best seller was always the feather tickling my behind, but I’ve come to the conclusion timing is everything. I just want to write more entertaining stories about the DeMatteo’s and NOT have them published posthumously.

Q: Tell us about your characters, Cindy and Jay, from the Cindy’s Crusades Series. Are they based on real life people, or did they begin talking to you when you sat down at your keyboard one day?

A: Cindy Layton was (and is), a real pain in the ass. Her persona evolved when I tried writing a journal while dating Joe. Instead of letting me keep my journal the way I wanted to, she kept interfering with my thoughts constantly. I finally caved in and let her take over. (Laughs). Without giving away any spoilers, it was a great relief when Jay DeMatteo showed up. He kept Cindy out of my hair for a while. When I decided to write a sequel, there she was, starting all over again with me. By that time, though, I’d grown very fond of her. As far as Jay goes, he’s a great guy, has enough patience for both he and Cindy, and is so easy on the eyes, Cindy grows amorous whenever he smiles at her, which is often.

Q: Ah, so do you and Cindy have some traits in common?

A: Oh, definitely. We both appreciate our mates in serious ways, both mentally and physically. (Wink)

Q: If you could chose between a hot guy and a good dinner out, which would you prefer?

A: Yikes, I’d take the hot guy, as long as he was my hubby!

Q: Anything special you’re working on right now?

A: I’m writing a nonfiction piece about what life is like when a person has a handicapped sibling. I have a handicapped brother, and when my mom passed I became his guardian – a role I’ve been fulfilling my entire life.

Q: What have been your proudest moments during your writing career?

A: If I hadn’t met and married my husband Joe, there wouldn’t be a Dinosaurs & Cherry Stems, let alone a sequel. I’d have to say he was the determining factor that sent me into the publishing arena. I’m so proud of him, and I rely on his encouragement as my editor to keep me focused. My other proudest moments were when I was offered a contract to become a Women’s Pen author in the Annie Acorn publishing Company and last year as Dinosaurs & Cherry Stems made semi-finalist in the Kindle Book Reviews 2013, Best Indie Author Book Awards in its genre.

Q: Name two little known facts about yourself.

A: I was an aerobic dance instructor and had my own business for five years. I also sold real estate. I loved those jobs, but not as much as I love entertaining others with my stories!

Q: One last question – What do you keep in your office that inspires you?

A: I have a post-it note my mother wrote to me. It says, Hey, Sue, more later! <3 Keep writing – You know! I found the note in her desk after she passed away when I was going through her things. I have it taped to my printer, and I include the note in my print books, in the acknowledgments section.

On that ‘note’, I’d like to thank you for stopping by, and I hope you’ll visit me again.  I hope you enjoyed reading about the writing life from my POV! Have a super day! 


Make Your Splash Into the New Year!

February 12, 2014

I’m pleased and honored to have as my guest today Stacey, the proprietor of Starstuff Travel and my favorite travel agent. Without further ado, pull up a chair and grab your favorite winter beverage. Better yet, begin dreaming about sweet, warmer climates where one can vacation away from this brutal weather! 

                                            Let’s meet Stacey!

SR: Please tell us how you came up with the idea for the name, Starstuff Travel.

SC:  The name evolved from reading the st...

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Have a Great Navy Day!

December 18, 2013
With our country in an uproar over the upcoming Presidential election, my mother and I packed up our patriotism and flew to California in October 2004, to welcome the Naval Destroyer, USS O’Kane (DDG 77) as it sailed into San Francisco Harbor.

The harbor fog was diminishing in the early morning sun as we spotted the destroyer rounding the bay. The O’Kane cruised beneath the Bay Bridge, and we laughed because the destroyer barely squeezed through, and we waved the small American flags we ...

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The Gift That Lasts

December 7, 2013
It's my priviledge to have author Peter Adler, writing as A.R. Silverberry, visiting me today as he shares his wisdom via a guest post he's written just for us! So without further ado, please grab the beverage of your choice and pull up a chair!

                    The Gift That Lasts

With all the bright, flashing lights; the latest, super deluxe transforming creatures; the latest aps, the latest gaming platforms, these days, there’s a lot competing f...

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Travels in the Snark Ark

October 28, 2013

As a few of you may know, Joe and I just returned from Chicago where we visited my son Nick. Because we hadn’t seen him in many months, trying to catch up with your adult child in three scant days is like cramming for final exams the night before!  There’s just so much to explore emotionally and great times to enjoy.

            Saturday evening we went to dinner at one of Chicago’s premier steakhouses called Mastro’s and we were treated to one of the best dinners we...

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Perfection Challenged: A Guest Post From Jade Kerrion

October 8, 2013
Today’s author interview features Jade Kerrion who’s here to talk about how she got into writing and her latest novel, Perfection Challenged.  Welcome, Jade, it's pleasure to have you aboard!  So let's get to know Jade better, shall we?

1. Do you recall how your interest in writing originated?

I started writing at the age of thirteen when my school essays were returned to me with a bunch of “A”s scrawled over the top. Teenagers are impressionable. Being much more impressionable than mos...

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Womb Mates

September 23, 2013

Joe and I recently traveled to Virginia for a family reunion and to visit friends.  My aunt was about to turn 83 years young and we were also going to celebrate a cousin's milestone birthday, too.  I felt crazy excited to be going, because I hadn't seen my aunt since 2009, shortly after my mother passed.  

Over the course of the weekend, my aunt and I shared some spirited conversations about life in general and what we'd been doing since last we'd met.  However, comments she...

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For Your Reading Pleasure, I'm Proud to Present My Guest, Mari Collier

August 17, 2013
I have Mari Collier as my esteemed guest today.  I've asked her to do a guest blog here, to share how it feels to be an Indie Author.  Most of her explanations have gone beyond what I've expected and I'm so lucky to have her here!  So, without further ado, please welcome, Mari Collier!

Susan, thanks so much for inviting me to share my experience as an Indie author. It has taken five years to achieve some recognition for my works, but it hasn’t been all drudgery. I’ve met some wonderful pe...

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A Toast to Friendship

July 5, 2013
Authors sometimes walk the walk alone, in this career we call writing.  However, I have been one of the lucky ones in that I've never had to travel this journey alone.

One of my author friends, Susan Griscom, has always kept me company and stayed true with her support, ever since we connected via social media.  Lucky for us, we are about the same age and share similar interests personally.

More than that, we've shared our professional triumphs, we've shared our failures, as well as our dreams ...
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The Motor Home Snafu Blues

May 2, 2013


After a bloody, lip-biting, teeth chattering drive back and forth to Florida, our lives and emotions are resuming a sense of normalcy. It's with a breath of relief both my feet (and Joe's), are on stable ground now that I can share some of our trip experiences and perhaps help someone planning a motor home venture to avoid the mistakes we didn't, prior to leaving on our trip.

We viewed different styles of motor homes for two years and finally found ...

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