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Interview with Susan Ricci
by JuliaCrane on September 21, 2011 · Leave a Comment 

JC:  I would like to welcome Susan Ricci. Thank you for taking the time to stop by and answer some questions for us.  I see that you have been published in newspapers and magazines. How does writing non fiction compare to writing fiction?

SR:  I love writing fiction and was lucky enough to be published on an Ezine called Sunken Lines several times. I’d met the editor at a Philadelphia Writer’s Conference some years back, and he took to my crazy, short stories right away. Since he wanted to focus more on his own novel in progress, though, he eventually gave up the domain. (I hope he succeeds because he’s a very talented guy). I also have a novel on the back burner, called Slick Trespass…

Huge however: Writing nonfiction and having it published, or winning an award for it, renders me the most indescribable high, because the message/content of whatever I’ve written is real. That someone in the publishing business thinks enough of my stuff to share it with others is so kick butt, you know?

JC:  Can you tell us about your current project?

SR:  My current project, Dinosaurs and Cherry Stems is a humorous, self-help narrative regarding mid-life dating, relationships, and making your baggage work FOR you, instead of souring your outlook on life. I met an agent this past June in Philadelphia, who really liked the concept, and the piece also won an award there. However, now that I’ve joined the IWU, I’m rethinking my options about publishing, because there’s tons of successful talent going on here!

JC:  What is the last book you read?

SR:  Funny, but I just finished a romance called Playing Dirty, by talented author, Susan Anderson, and a Facebook friend. I do love reading romance during down time, as well as novels about espionage/CIA themes, etc.

JC:  If you could be any character in fiction, whom would you be?

SR:  If I could be any character in fiction, I’d be one of Barbara Taylor Bradford’s heroines. Any of them. Why? Because all her female characters are self assured, work driven women with an agenda, and I sometimes feel a bit insecure or overwhelmed when I’m working on a project. Guess those feelings just go with the turf occasionally, right?

JC:  What is your favorite writing snack?

SR:  The only snack I’ve ever eaten while writing is yogart; it doesn’t spill on the keyboard (unless you drop it), but I’m not really a snacker anyway. Tea gets me through my writing sessions…and is far away from the desk.

JC:  Tell us three random things about yourself. 

SR:  I’m a nature freak, although spiders do me in. Traveling is key on my list, but coming back to home base is the best!

(Wasn’t that how Judy Garland in The Wizard of Oz felt?)

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