As I grow closer to concluding the revisions and edits for Dinosaurs and Cherry Stems, I can't help but wonder: What exactly is it that brings a story to life?

While writing Dinosaurs and Cherry Stems, I've explored other authors' blogs, their comment threads via my writing groups, or tweets, and I find we all have one thing in common, regardless of the genre:  We are all using language, imagination, our alter egos, and whatever else our brains contrive to tell a story, the best way we know how. 

When we accomplish an enjoyable and satisfying experience for our readers, we've done our job...And the rewards are plentiful. Simply open your Kindle or Nook, and look at your fellow authors' accomplishments on your library page. Authors struggle; they weep, they curse, but they perservere. We have tough skin, a tougher mentality, and I'm so very happy to be acquainted with the many wonderful authors I've met, read, or just said hello to.  

You've all taught me well!

Books are Born to be Alive.  Enjoy the video!