Dear Mom:

Although it’s been a while since I’ve written you a letter or sent you a card, I have some great news to share with you today.

You’ve always encouraged me to write about what makes me feel passionate or the things that get my blood boiling. Well, for the past five years since we’ve last seen each other, I’ve been doing just that.

Do you also remember when I was about ten or eleven and Grandma gave me that old Underwood typewriter?  After I got the hang of typing, I became the youngest publisher/editor you’d ever known, by starting The Hill Weekly. I used carbon paper to make duplicate copies of my little neighborhood newspaper, which was actually an unsophisticated gossip rag. I wrote the happenings of the week regarding what was going on with those that lived around us.

You’d sent a copy to President Kennedy and in return, he gifted me for real autographed photos of himself and his family. I still have them tucked away in my high school yearbook, all these decades later.

So now for my latest news: I’ve gone into the newspaper publishing business again, but this time it’s an Internet Paper focusing on what’s trending in my writing community. Joe helped me name it – It’s called Ricci Pedia. The paper shows what’s trending in my writing community and is automatically published every 24 hours. The paper pulls Twitter posts from people I follow or who follow me. I call it a share and share alike broadcast.

You’ve never heard of Twitter, right? Not many of your generation have, but it’s become a great marketing tool for artists, writers, and almost any occupation you can imagine.

I wish with all of my heart you were here instead of Heaven so we could chat it up about our family and how everyone is doing. Perhaps you may already know all this, but I just wish you were here physically to share in our family’s many successes.

Bless you, Mom!

Love, Sue