I'd recently added an important chapter to my novel, Dinosaurs and Cherry Stems, which I thought would be noteworthy for my future readers, and totally important to me and Joe as a couple. In retrospect, I would have called it, "The Best Thing You can Give Your Partner is a Clue", except it ended up being called Chapter Twelve, or somewhere in between.  

Would you not agree The Best Thing You Can Give Your Partner is a Clue?  If so, please read on...

This special scene deferred to the Communication in a Relationship segment of the novel. Seriously.  Because such a mantra is sacred.  How you regard your lover and how they view you in return depends on the success of how you speak with them, and they you.  Hopefully, your message comes across in a concise and unaccusatory way, regarding your needs, your feelings, your desires and goals. Only then, will your partner reciprocate in kind, and that's the truth, as Edith Ann from that 70's show, Laugh In, always stated at the end of her bit....

Anyway, tonight Joe and I were watching the news during dinner, specifically the highlights of today's sports.  While Joe bemoaned our beloved NY Mets 14-6 loss to the Atlanta Braves, (which I also grieved), I was drawn to a different piece, regarding that Colorado Rockies pitcher, Jamie Moyer.  "What makes him so special?" I asked, because I missed that portion of the broadcast. Joe's simple reply:  "He won the game."


"You're saying he won a game?  So who cares" I ask.  "Lots of pitchers win a game.  Maybe I could use some of the details, please."

Suffice to say, Joe told me the story of Jamie Moyer and his advanced age as a pitcher, which made him special and newsworthy.  His story is all over the Internet and well it should be.  Jamie Moyer is 49 years old and has broken a record.  Record breakers steal the news.  (I can only hope the NJ Devils will do the same with the Stanley Cup, because they're totally due!)
Congrats to Jamie Moyer, who holds the title of the Oldest Winning Pitcher, (By the Numbers).  You can view The Details via The Net or on your favorite sports show.

A few more details when I ask my husband a question would do it for me, if you please!  And I will reciprocate, by giving him a clue!

That's the truth, folks... And for the record, RIP, Dick Clark.  I grew up with him and he won't soon be forgotten!   That's also the truth...