Well, do you?

Personally, I'm proud to admit I'm a convert.  I was a non-believer.  Love was elusive.  I'm talking about the captivating, can't-live-without-the-other, groovy kind of love you see in the movies, read about in books, or perhaps envy because that couple in your neighborhood seems to have found it, but not you.  

Certainly, I thought I loved the father of my children, but there were too many emotional traumas regarding our relationship for it to last.  We hurt each other because we didn't really love each other, end of story. Thought I loved my second husband, too, but I only loved him like a friend, and you just don't marry for that. Too unfair to both parties.  So, I gave up.  Nada.  None for me, thanks, I'd rather wing it alone.

Fast forward two years, then WHAM!  I get hit directly in the butt with Cupid's arrow when I met my Joe. T
he arrow soon worked its way into my heart 
and it doesn't hurt a bit!

I have a birthday coming up this weekend, a real BIG one. And I'm happy, for the first time in my life. REAL happy. Grateful, too.  Because I've found out what it's like to love and be loved, even cherished. I feel that heart-stopping, can't-wait-to-see him-later kind of thing I never thought existed. Redundant?  Maybe, but I don't care.  I'm so lucky!

Without the love of my life, there would be no reason to celebrate life, or another birthday.  There'd be no Dinosaurs and Cherry Stems to write, no reason to post blogs, nothing to look forward to.

Quite simply, without love, there'd be no Susan...