As I take down the Holiday decorations to store in the attic until next year and replace them with my every day novelties, I feel a strange kind of sadness. Probably it's more a feeling akin to nostalgia, though, because I truly had a wonderful Christmas. The year 2012 was also a kind one in spite of Hurricane Sandy, filled with personal accomplishment and the making of new friends.

So, why the blues?

The revisions on my current WIP have been lying stagnant all month, that much is true, but Holiday preparations intrude and so does life in general. Hubby and I had a wonderful vacation week in Cancun following Thanksgiving, but the day after we returned I got very sick, which put me three weeks behind my self-imposed deadlines regarding my work.  That always annoys me, as I'm sure it does every other author who's driven the way I am.  When I recovered, my muse up and left town for a short sabbatical!  Imagine that! Christmas was nearly here by then, so I can't blame my muse for skipping out on me!  It was a crazy-busy few weeks, and I'm sure everyone else can relate.

My son, Nick, flew in from Chicago December 22, and I was thrilled to have him home for the Holidays.  My entire family was here for Christmas dinner and to exchange a few gifts--the food came out delicious, no one had any arguments, and the day was wonderfully stress-free. Simply heaven on earth.

Taking Nick back to the airport proved anti-climatic, since I'm not sure when I'll see him again. I drove home quite bleh. I didn't perk up until a day or so later, when I coaxed my muse out of hiding, so I could again feel like Susan Ricci, The Author. 

As a matter of fact, here she is, helping me pen this blog.  I need her, because as I prepare for 2013, there's really so much to look forward to! New books to write and read, friends to make, friends to keep, and best of all family to hold near and dear.

Let's share a toast to 2013!  I'd like to wish all of my family and friends not only a Happy and Blessed New Year, but a Happy Always, too! Remember to always cherish your loved ones! 

And keep your muse on a leash...