Have you ever had one of those days when each and every minute was totally perfect? 

Having the perfect day in this adventure we call life can be as rare as having a stranger knock on your door and gifts you with a million dollars, but I recognize perfection when I see it, and was damn pleased to make its acquaintance. 

Saturday was my birthday.  A big one giving me pause.  I had to remind myself that age is just a number, not a state of mind or emotion.  Embracing the loving feelings and wishes from my family, my friends, and my husband made my weekend sublime, splendid, and just plain fabulous.

Our family also celebrated my brother's birthday Sunday, another darn dandy-day, and I just didn't want the euphoria to end. When I awoke this morning, and decided to write a blog about perfect days, I realized ALL days can be perfect, if you cleave to the love and happiness within your soul, and make sure you count your blessings, because there are many

A big shout out to God, with many thanks to those who make me feel special, wanted, cherished, and content with the perfection of my life, and especially to my husband.

I love you, Joe.  This song's for you.  

You are perfect!