I was watching The Wizard of Oz the other night and these very catchy lyrics have been replaying in my mind ever since: "Oh, I could tell you why the ocean's by the shore, I could think of things I never thunk before..." 

That melody has been thoroughly distracting me, which kind of equates to when I get focused on another talented author's story.  A huge no-no, especially when you have a book in revision (like me), and want to get it launched and not posthumously. 

Sometimes, though, I can't help it.  (Squeak!)  I know, I know...

There are just so many talented authors out there!  
For me, reading great stories is like being a dog that's trapped in the wondrous land of fire hydrants and telephone poles...needless to say, when it comes to a fab story, my nose is at full alert.

Anyway, here's the thing:  If I only had a brain, I'd keep to my own pages, instead of reading other authors' stories.  If I only had a brain, I'd quit eyeballing my lovely pool and stay true to my revisions, here at my desk in the house.  

If I only had a brain, I'd ask hubby to take my Nook to work, so I can't shop for more stories or read from the darn thing!

Today I decided to put earplugs into my subconscience's eardrums.  I closed the blinds beckoning me to the pool and shut down my Nook.  I rocked my brain to find a hiding place for the Nook charger so I can't find it, and the truth is, I've now forgotten where the heck I put it.  

Stuff happens--Ain't it the truth? 

I know I will eventually find the Nook charger, but right now, I'm glad it's gone missing, because my editor keeps reminding me I have work to do and I have an appointment with a formatter, come August. 

I'm anticipating lot's of work will get done tomorrow and first thing in the morning...just like it did today. (Gives self a pat on the back)

But I thank the authors who've inspired me by sharing their work, therefore giving me hope I may be able to walk among them someday!

This one's for you!  Have a great, productive day, people, and enjoy the video!