This post is very difficult for me to write, but darn it, I'm writing it anyway.

My favorite brother is a wonderful guy, and handicapped.  He is 57 years old, lives in a group home, when he isn't staying with me, and I'm his legal guardian.  I love him very much, though he's not always easy to deal with, but so what.  Sometimes, I'm not much better.

Today is our Mom's birthday, but she decided Heaven was a better place to live over 2 years ago, and I've always respected her decisions.  My brother's name is Eddie.  I went to see him today because he wasn't feeling so well about this, and visiting him made me feel better, too.  

Maybe I did a dumb thing, but I tweeted Lady Gaga for him because he's great fan, and I'm hoping for a response about him, so we willl see.

Good day, to anyone who's llistening...