I’m sure most of you ladies know, and probably some of you guys, when your hair is soaking wet after your shower and the hairdryer quits, it’s like a betrayal to humankind.

         Not to mention to your pride.

         My hair looks like crap when it’s not blown out (not that it’s great anyway), but I take it as a personal affront when I can’t style it due to a technical demise.


         Here are some suggestions to alleviate this crisis when it happens to you, and it will:

         DON’T BE CHEAP: Keep a spare dryer on hand, especially if yours is older than dirt. Mine has been giving me the fidgets for over six months, but I’ve always been able to revive it, once I’ve given it a good shake and a choking. Tonight, though, it bit the dust. I may cremate it…

         KEEP A FLATIRON ON HAND: Flatirons are not kind to fine hair like mine, but is better than nothing, if you must go out in public.


Picture enclosed (enough said). You still may end up looking silly, and folks may point at you and giggle, but nobody will notice how much your hairdo sucks. Or, if you're sideways...


         CHOOSE A HUSBAND WHO’S A GOOD SPORT, OR A HAT PERSON: My husband is game enough to hit the store when I’m looking uglier than usual, and I’m too embarrassed to leave the house. The point is: Marry well.

         Thanks so much for hopping by, and visit your local store soon for your replacement. You’ll never know when you will need it.

         Better still, marry a guy who understands the foibles of a woman’s vanity and loves you for who your are.