Sometimes the train of emotions is an express and forgoes your stop, thus sparing you harmful thoughts and emotions. Yet, other times, the train rams you straight through the heart, makes no apology for its intrusion, and leaves you wounded and angry. 

I'm writing this because some of my fellow authors are troubled.  Vastly so.  I'm sure whatever is deviling them hurts them more than it hurts me, but I feel their pain, just the same.  You know who you are.

Tonight, I was thinking about the folks I care most about, like my family.  My kids are adults, with their own values and conquests yet to come, but more importantly, the challenges they deal with in the present.  And I see strength. Weakness, too.  Although we all have those moments when we feel we just ain't getting that emotional break that we need to progress to the next level of contentment or security, we all succeed in the long run, unless we give into it.

I have the same emotional issues as the next guy, and many times, it interferes with my life and what I wish to accomplish with my day.  My handicapped brother has been hospitalized in a psyche hospital for the past two weeks. Two emotionally, draining weeks. Endless speak with doctors, social workers, his group home, and visiting the scariest places imaginable.  However, it's about to come to an end, because he's being discharged within the next two days, and I rejoice he (and I) can resume the business of everday life, without interference. (What?  DId I really SAY that?

Something else will come up, though, because life is all about change.  You never know what drama or excitement is going to kick your ass into next week, but you do the best you can to get through the rough spots, because that's what it's all about here on Earth.  I can't speak about what happens afterward...

Love your babies, whether they're your children or your spouses, or, maybe, your written words. They'll always have your back, especially when that damn, emotional train railroads you into some crappy aspect of life that navigates you in the wrong direction, if you allow it.

I am your support, as you are mine.  Give life the finger and conquer it!  

And watch this's kick-ass!