I’m pleased and honored to have as my guest today Stacey, the proprietor of Starstuff Travel and my favorite travel agent. Without further ado, pull up a chair and grab your favorite winter beverage. Better yet, begin dreaming about sweet, warmer climates where one can vacation away from this brutal weather! 

                                            Let’s meet Stacey!

SR: Please tell us how you came up with the idea for the name, Starstuff Travel.

SC:  The name evolved from reading the story, Peter and The Starcatchers. During the novel, it’s revealed how Peter's contact with so much starstuff changes his life forever.

SR: What exactly is ‘Starstuff’?

SC: Starstuff is the magical material that falls to Earth and conveys happiness, power, increased intelligence and the ability to fly. Those few sentences hit me and I knew we could never be known by any other name! Just like Peter’s life changing, my life changed forever when I decided to go forward with my Disney specialized travel business. I’m for anything that conveys happiness, power, and increased intelligence! As far as the ability to fly, that’s a no brainer for anyone who’s a Disney lover like me!

SR: What was the inspiration behind your decision to choose a career as a travel agent?

 SC: I fell in love with Disney the first time I visited WDW when I was a teenager with my family. Once I had my own family, I’ve visited numerous times and adore everything about the Disney brand. I’ve wanted to be a travel agent since I was a child, when I would pretend my room was a hotel or a cruise ship and I was the agent. So putting the two ideas together just seemed to be the perfect fit for me. Both things I love and helping others create lifetime memories is very special to me.

SR: I see from your website that you’re also a professional connoisseur regarding Walt Disney World Vacations. Please tell us how you became so knowledgeable about Disney. I, for one, am very impressed with the information I’ve seen you share!

SC: I’ve always enjoyed planning all of our trips. It was one of my favorite parts of the actual vacation. I loved reading and researching about the resorts we were going to be staying at before our arrival, as well as getting all of the reservations together for dining and shows/attractions. I always wanted to get the most out of our vacation while we were there, so I’ve tried to plan everything, even nap times for when my kids were younger.

SR: How many times have you been to Walt Disney World, and why have you fallen in love with this magical resort?

SC: I have been to WDW twice as a teenager and seven times as an adult with my own family. It is my favorite Disney Park. There is so much to see and do! Even after visiting nine times, I still have so much to experience!

SR: Please give us a rundown regarding your services; for example, how far does Starstuff Travel go to insure their clients the best vacation ever? 

SC: Planning a Disney vacation has changed so much over the past two years, that using an Authorized Disney Planner to book your vacation is absolutely key! The process can be confusing to someone who hasn’t visited the resort in a long time, or is a first time visitor. If you want to make the most out of your trip, it’s best to plan it with someone who has experience planning Disney trips already. Because our agents at Starstuff have traveled either to WDW or to other Disney locations, we have our own inside information and experience to share with you. When you book with a Call Center rep they are not going to take the time to go over all of the dining options, possible attractions, different promotions, etc. with you. They are taking your call and moving onto the next one when you hang up. Here at Starstuff Travel once you book, we are still checking your reservations on a daily basis to see if new promotions have come out and trying to find ways to save you money even after you have already booked. We are able to help you plan the trip from personalized Itineraries, or just be here for you if you need anything. Our services will be tailored to each client in their own special way. You will have access to your Starstuff Travel agent 24/7 unlike other travel businesses with typical 9-5 business hours. On top of all of that our services are 100% free upon booking your vacation with us!

SR: That’s amazing! You sure have all the bases covered! So, is Starstuff Travel specifically just for booking Disney vacations? 

SC: Starstuff Travel is one of few Disney Only Vacation agencies out there. This is just another reason to book your Disney trip with one of our agents. We are working with Disney vacations all day, because our passion for Disney runs deep, we want to offer all we can to our Disney clients or should I say our Disney family. Once you book with us, you are considered family.

SR: How did you come up with your logo?

SC: I gave my older son Michael free reign when it came to our logo, I told him I wanted the logo to be something that reflected the actual name and he did a great job.

SR: My husband and I have a motor home. If we were to travel to Walt Disney World, is there a place in the resort where we can park our RV?

SC: I have many clients who have RVs that absolutely love the Fort Wilderness Campground. One of my favorite things about this area is the water transportation from this Campground Resort which travels back and forth to the Magic Kingdom (My favorite park).  Also, Fort Wilderness is home to the favorite Hoop Dee Doo Musical Review as well as Mickeys Backyard BBQ, two very popular Disney dining experiences. 

SR: Tell us how people can find you. I’ll bet they can’t wait to try out your Starstuff Travel Agency!

SC: Please contact me at Stacey@starstufftravel.com for further information. Visit me on Facebook at the Starstuff Travel page; I’d love to chat with you! https://www.facebook.com/StarstuffTravel Website:http://www.starstufftravel.com/  

      As an aside: There is so much information you could miss out on, if you do not book with an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner. People are often worried about simply booking the vacation and saving a few dollars that they end up spending more money in the end, because they do not get the correct information on the dining plans or promotions. Or that their reservations can always be changed once the vacation is booked.

     Here at Starstuff Travel, we have a Disney Dining specialist who can achieve miracles for your dining needs. We have first hand experience to offer our clients and work hard to make the planning enjoyable. Whether you want no part of the planning, or you want to plan it all, we can always be here for all of your needs. Also, we always try to offer some promotions upon booking with us, such as a Disney Gift card or an autograph book for your little ones. Just ask your agent what’s available!

SR: I must say this has been an enjoyable, informative guest post, Stacey! I appreciate the time you took to stop by and chat! Thank you so much!