One bad habit I've been unable to break throughout the course of my life is throwing something when I get upset.

I guess we all have our personal outlets for releasing anger or frustration.  Many folks might suggest we shouldn't be getting angry in the first place.  Sometimes, however, the sticker bush of irritation can mar even the most passive, angelic souls.

I'm not saying I've ever fired any dangerous type missiles intending to harm to the individual causing me angst, but there's been a time or three a shoe has been dispatched, a TV remote hurled against the wall, (oops), or a wadded up paper towel tossed towards the man currently sitting on the couch. 

I'm not proud of this flaw in my personality.  I've tried many things, including counting to ten or walking away, to alleviate my temper.  Swearing is a decent vent for the spleen, but then I have to ask God to forgive me and pray He doesn't hold this transgression against me in the future, if you get my drift.

So, what happens when I get annoyed or frustrated with myself?   It's impossible to throw a shoe at my own head and since I'm not into pain, bashing my skull with the remote isn't on my fix-it list.  Therefore, I've discovered a more reasonable outlet for self-frustration.

I've lowered the bar a bit for my self-imposed deadlines in regards to my current WIP, because I find when life intrudes, I'm distracted from my writing, and then I'm disappointed with myself.  I've decided that in order to accomplish living peacefully with me, I must also lower my expectations and not get angry when I don't fulfill what I think I should be achieving. Getting angry, even with yourself, saps more energy out of a person than being content with the way the day goes.  It also makes you tired.

I'm sick of feeling sick and tired!  So my mid-January resolution is to take each day as it comes, flick the chip on my shoulder away, and embrace the time I do have to write.  

Thanks to a sweet friend of mine who provided some pretty wise insight when I was down, I'm feeling more relaxed and taking it easier on my daily goals and myself.

All I have to do now is quit launching paper missiles at the wonderful man sitting on the couch...