Good Day, Fellow Indies! Today I'm hosting author Renee Pawlish.  So without further ado, take it away, Renee:

SR:  I'm very impressed with your blog articles, specifically the one regarding the use of Twitter.  Since there's newbies out there eager to learn more, what's your best advice on learning the lingo, so your fellow authors can build better platforms?

RP:  Thanks for the compliment! For newbies, do Internet research to find out how Twitter works.  There are a lot of hash tags you can use to draw attention to yourself, your blog, and your website.  Also, don't overlook Facebook as a marketing tool (I'm surprised the number of authors that neglect Facebook). If you understand Facebook and Twitter, they can be powerful marketing tools.  I'll be posting more tips on my blog.

SR:  I see from your most recent blog you once worked as a counselor, and this led you to gravitate reading stories that reflected happy resolutions.  Did your work in this field have any bearing on the type of books you love to write?

RP:  To an extent, yes.  I certainly have seen the negatives in people up close, and this helps me to draw great characters, especially bad guys.  But I've been a mystery and thriller fan since I was a kid, so it was natural to write those kinds of books.

SR:  After reading the prologue of Nephilim: Genesis of Evil, I thought about downloading it on my Kindle App, but those fabulous reviews convinced me.  Who does your reviews, and are they fellow authors or professionals?  (I'm one of the newbies I referred to in the first question and I'm learning about how one obtains reviews on Amazon, etc.  Sometimes, a person is a tad embarrassed to ask...)

RP:  Don't be embarrassed.  I truly believe in the mantra "what goes around comes around".  We authors should support each other and we can all make it to the top - competition is good, not something to be threatened by...I'll get off my soap box now.  All those reviews are genuine.  Some are from friends, but most are just from happy readers.  In the past few months, I have garnered a few from fellow authors and book bloggers, and those I just approached the person and asked.  My advice, be professional, polite, and supportive.  I've exchanged reviews with other authors, and with bloggers and authors, I tweet the heck out of the posts and I encourage my followers to follow them.  I also put those on Facebook and my blog (when I can catch up with that lol).

SR:  I find myself reading for pleasure almost every day, if only when I'm grabbing a sandwich or break-taking from my current project.  How much time do you spend reading for pleasure as opposed to writing/revising your own work?

RP:  I love to read for pleasure and try to do so every day.  Life has been crazy lately with preparing the release of a short story collection and the second Reed Ferguson mystery, so I haven't been reading as much, and I miss it.  But I spend more time writing than reading.

SR:  What's in store for Renee Pawlish, future wise, now that you've published some mighty great works and have such a great fan base?

RP:  I want to keep putting out quality novels, and after getting such great reviews for Nephilim and This Doesn't Happen In The Movies, I feel a bit of pressure.  But that's good, it keeps me working hard.  I'd also like to coach more newbie/indie authors on writing well and marketing well.

Thank you for your time, Renee!  For further information regarding Renee, please visit her website:  blog: