Let me tell you a bedtime story:

"Once upon a time, in a far-off land somewhere in Jersey..." Yours truly had 2 projects going on at once. (Let's see, that would be about 2 and a half years ago, if I recall correctly...)

Anyway, I was dividing my time between the two, paying equally passionate attention to both. You ask, "Wow, was that girl doing a twosome?"  NO!  She was "SPINNING HER WHEELS" between two WIP's, and she didn't know if she was coming or going! ARGH!

...which does not work, thus, because it messes with productivity and creation...

The moral of the tiny tale: PICK SOMETHING YOU ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT AND FOCUS ON THAT TOPIC/THEME/STORY, until it's finished or it finishes YOU

This is FREE literary advice, as I get asked a lot about certain topics lately.  Do you think you need a pen name?  You might, because right before I published and the day before I contacted my cover artist I thought the proofs were perfect, someone in my writer's group Googled my name and told me I was already published.  :/  WHAT?  No, I wasn't.  But someone going by the same name as mine sure was.  So, Google your own name before you publish to make sure you don't have an author clone out there someplace.  Use your middle name like I did or use an an abbreviated version of your own.  

Wow, am I glad to have gotten that off my chest...have a terrific week, people, it's time to get back to my passion, which is working on ONE WIP! 

PS:  I'm in a topsy-turvy mood, can you tell?     ~~