After eight months of renovating the fixer-upper Joe and I bought last May, we’ve nearly completed the mission of having “Our Dream Home.” 
    Too bad we almost blew up the new kitchen the other night, but I’ll be getting to that.
    The air conditioning quit our second day in the new place, and cost an unplanned $4800 to replace. Leave it to spring to herald in the hottest May on record, while we literally baked in the glory of renesting.
     Demolishing the dated kitchen was one of the first items on our agenda. Of course we replaced the toilets immediately, and Joe painted my powder room and installed a new medicine chest and shelves for my knick-knacks. Bulk pick up day arrived and we got rid of the former owner’s ripped, filthy window coverings and the other junk he left behind.


    Joe and I went to a gazillion places for estimates to choose what we needed, and most times it was fun. Once in while we had arguments, but the majority of our journeys to Renovation Land were happy ones.

    Home Despot and Lowe’s became our new best friends. Joe put up new blinds, and I was in heaven. Privacy is important, you know. 

    My son-in-law installed the new cabinets and the granite guys came to install the counters and the sink. The stainless steel appliances arrived, and Joe had begun the arduous task of getting rid of the glue that remained on the walls so he could paint.

   We replaced fifteen windows, the bedroom carpeting, and then in October, Joe had laid laminated word flooring through out the rest of the house. The old kitchen floor was replaced with brand new linoleum just in time for Thanksgiving, and I was finally feeling like I really lived here, instead of being on the weirdest vacation ever.

   Speaking of vacations, we managed to sneak away to Florida in November. We visited Disney, Universal, and headed to Miami for The Reader’s Favorite awards, where I collected my bronze medal for Dinosaurs & Cherry Stems. 

    Which brings you up to date. 


    We were making stew in my mother’s twenty-five year old crock pot. The gravy wasn’t thickening nicely so I suggested Joe warm it up on the new stove. 

     Biggest mistake EVER…OR?... #EpicFail! 

    It took us many hours to repair the damages. Joe took apart the entire stove, and we cleaned, and cleaned some more. Reassembling the unit was no picnic. 

     Lesson learned: Never doing that again! If my photos look sideways, well, that's just the kind of year we had! 

     Have an awesome September, everyone!