I've recently registered for a great writer's conference in Philadelphia, the PWC. I've attended many times before; it's a conference with workshops, manuscript critques and contests, plus agent interviews, and I've never come away from one when I didn't learn something, or make a new friend or contact.

This conference also promotes and supports authors who wish to publish in the traditional manner.

You might ask why I would want to bother, since I've pretty much decided to publish Dinosaurs and Cherry Stems as an Indie.  Some of you may know I've chosen a formatter to whip the manuscript into the finished product. I'm seeking a cover artist, and I also have an editor.

This made me wonder: Am I a Contradiction?

No, and I'll share why:  If I absorb just one iota of information I don't already possess regarding my writing skills at the conference, that one iota is sure to enhance my writing career.  Who knows what valuable information I may garner via a workshop instructor, (who also happens to be an award-winning, NY Times Best Seller), or by pitching an agent, or from making a contact I've not yet met?  

I won't know, unless I seize those moments at the conference.
 The same goes for when I discuss writing things with my Indie authors' groups, or read blogs, or pick up a new Twitter friend.  

You just never know!

So, my fellow authors and friends:  Follow your dreams and hold on tight to them, wherever they lead you.  They just may be your sugar ticket to the land of fortunate opportunities!