None of us should really harbor historic issues, unless we're allowing the past to interfere with the present.

Isn't that why folks say, The Present Is a Gift?

Anyway, we have an Easter weekend coming up and we will all be busy.  We have our families to love and we're grateful for the gifts we've been given from God, via our children who've perhaps given us special grandkids.

My granddaughter, Savannah, offered to make me the cupcakes of my choice, for the Holiday weekend. She's a very talented cook, a lovely young lady I'm proud to call my Lala, and I want her to know I love her very much.  So much that there will be a few books, which I'm calling The Savannah Banana Series, dedicated to her--Book One is nearly completed. The title is, Savannah Banana and the Puddle Muddle, and since I've already spoken to a talented illustrator, I'm very excited.  Book 2 will will probably feature magical cupcakes, so stay tuned!

Savannah is also an avid reader and a very talented writer. I've read her stories, and they're terrific!  I'm guessing she'll supercede me with her writing talent, for sure!

May all of you have the happiest of holidays, be it the Easter or a Passover kind, and God Bless all of you.