Authors sometimes walk the walk alone, in this career we call writing.  However, I have been one of the lucky ones in that I've never had to travel this journey alone.

One of my author friends, Susan Griscom, has always kept me company and stayed true with her support, ever since we connected via social media.  Lucky for us, we are about the same age and share similar interests personally.

More than that, we've shared our professional triumphs, we've shared our failures, as well as our dreams for the future. We are so onboard with each other, it's sometimes spooky. Better than that, this makes us both stronger and unites us both professionally and personally. 

Since meeting Susan, I've met a several other authors as well, people I'm proud to call great friends. There's Olga D'Agostino, a children's book author, and Dea Lenihan, author and artist extraordinaire, who both live in the same state as I. Sadly, I cancelled mine and Dea's lunch date today because I was in a lousy mood, due to a financial upset, but I plan on reconnecting asap.  You don't diss your friends and not make ammends.  

I've recently been in touch with International best-selling author, Annie Acorn, who has graciously offered her expertise regarding my WIP, The Sugar Ticket.  She extended her assistence when I asked her to beta The Sugar Ticket, and it's been a pleasure to work with her ever since.  We hope to meet for brunch sometime in September and she'll be bringing along a few of her author buds, whom I'm very excited to meet as well.  

Again, all these outstanding women are so supportive and onboard with our mutual goals and dreams for the future, I don't have a clue what I'd do without any one of them.  I'd be writing, that's for sure, but it wouldn't be happy journey I'm now enjoying with these girls, as I travel the road to publishing my third story.  A toast to friendship: Cheers!