Today I'm going to share a few words about how it feels to become a novel-mama.

I haven't posted a blog in about six weeks, because I've been focusing all my energies on learning how to self-publish my novel, Dinosaurs & Cherry Stems. This is not to say I didn't have marvelous help, because I did, and I'm quite sure I wouldn't have been able to accomplish this without some very talented and supportive people. 

I'm very grateful for every one of my Birth Coaches.  I had coaching support, technical support, emotional support. In other words, I had A TEAM, beginning with my cover artist, Dafeenah, and my formatter, Tim. Awesome folks to work with!

I'd like to mention my friend and author, Melissa A Smith, for helping me get my ankles wet in the publishing pool, via Heart Marks the Spot, which went live the end of August. That little book going live was a crazy-cool experience, but I still wasn't prepared for the emotional rush that accompanies the birth of a first novel.

Another great friend, Penelope Crowe, (an experienced author and talented artist), also took time out of her busy schedule to support/advise me, when I had premature labor pains the week I was preparing to upload my files.  

My Twitter friends did their thing by tweeting my birth announcment all over the Internet.  My Facebook friends supported me by "liking" my pages on Amazon and Smashwords. Many of these kind poeple even bought my book, and I'm more than grateful for that, too. During the past few weeks, I've met some very unique and special people while enjoying the rush of this new birth. (You know who you are!)

My family members and forever friends rallied around and cheered for me when the book was born, and some very talented authors have either hosted me on their blogs, or have committed to do so in the future.  How sweet is that?

A huge nod of thanks to the folks/authors who've reviewed my book either on Amazon or Smashworks--what the heck would I do, without you on My Team?  And gracious thanks to my beta readers, Rachel and Jeff.  It boggles my mind to think about giving birth to a novel alone!

My husband applauds every minor victory as my novel-baby begins to progress. After all, he's the novel-daddy and is always there to lend support and kind words to the baby's mama. I'm a lucky lady!

This is one kick-butt, continuous baby shower, I can tell you!  Hopefully, it will keep rolling on, as novel-baby gains momentum, and I shall give it a sibling as soon as I can.  And there is a sibling in the works, I promise.

I just hope I don't get an attack of the postpartum pits...but, I really don't think My Team will allow that!

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the video, my friends!