This morning in lieu of washing hubby's Mick Jagger gotchies, I nosed around some fellow writers' websites, which proved way more fun.  While I gathered a plentitude of information of how they hone their crafts, I sampled their writing, perused publications, and had a fine, enjoyable time of it, but it's now time to to get back to business.

Monkey business?  Yep.  The writing business?  A given.

But first, the silly stuff:  My embryo,, was conceived last week and needs nursing. Some great pals in the IWU have shared it, and I'm totally grateful for the nourishment.  You, too, Facebook friends!  So, please, Dump it now!  (and you don't even need toilet paper...)

Today I was up with the kids boarding buses this first day of school. Not my kids--mine are grown. I mean the kids of all ages I see off to school every year, and dozens of 'em, no joke.  See, the buses stop in front of my house--the kindergarten bus, the elementary bus, the middle school bus, and my favorite, the high school bus at 6:30 am, which rumbles to a stop with those squeaky, teeth grinding brakes those maintenance folks neglected to fix during summer...and yes, I do feel sorry for the high schoolers, who during the winter need to get their bus in the dark.

Complaints about the buses?  Nah, just an odd inspiration of sorts, reminding me to get my lazy behind going before it turns noon, and I realize haven't written a line, decent or otherwise.  

Anyhow, the number three was buzzing my brain since my husband got up for work, and I knew I needed to do something creative with it. To fortify my resolve, I quickly stripped the bed so I get to my writing (and a bare mattress is an uninviting proposition anyway).  

Three hours later
...Visited and Liked three websites. Posted three comments. Said a virtual hello to my three children, all of whom are working. Whispered a three minute prayer my three grandchildren enjoy their first day of school without the peer crap sometimes associated with these institutions. Set a goal to work on Dinosaurs and Cherry Stems for three hours without lolly gagging. And, fell in love three times more than I was yesterday, with my number one husband, who is actually number three.

Didn't somebody say, Three's a Charm, or did I make that up? I dunno, but anything good that's ever happened to me has arrived featuring the number three.  Oh-oh, it's noon time, gotta fly!  ;-)