As a few of you may know, Joe and I just returned from Chicago where we visited my son Nick. Because we hadn’t seen him in many months, trying to catch up with your adult child in three scant days is like cramming for final exams the night before!  There’s just so much to explore emotionally and great times to enjoy.

            Saturday evening we went to dinner at one of Chicago’s premier steakhouses called Mastro’s and we were treated to one of the best dinners we’ve ever had.  (It was also one of the most expensive.)  Also, Joe and I thought we’d be saving a bundle by traveling in our motor home, also known as the Snark Ark, but after tabulating campground fees and gas expenses, I’ve discovered RV traveling to be nearly as expensive as purchasing airfare and staying in a hotel for three nights.  Not as costly, but close.

            RV traveling can be both a joy and a drag.  While I love our condo on wheels, driving the rig over construction-riddled highways causes the vehicle to bounce and bump us around so excessively, that when I try to write on my notepad, my handwriting is illegible.  Not only that, unsecured items on the counter or the sofa fall off, which reminds Joe and I to stow away 'our toys' properly before departure.

            On a more positive note, RV traveling affords you awesome scenery and beautiful countryside you wouldn’t see during a plane ride. Riding in the motor coach offers a much more pleasant time also, because you get to stay in a different state each time you stop for the night, and meet other friendly travelers always eager to make new friends.  I’ve even made a few book sales while staying the night in a campsite.  Plus, you’re sleeping in your own bed with sheets and covers only you have used.  That’s a win-win, in my opinion.

            The epitome of our drive home, however, was discovering that the Snark Ark shimmied and shook so hard, the lid on the salsa jar in the refrigerator had unscrewed itself without the aid of a human hand.  The RV began to smell like a bad Mexican restaurant at about the time we hit the NJ state line out of Pennsylvania.  We didn’t figure it out until we arrived home.

When I opened the fridge to bring the contents into the house from our trip, I found salsa covering everything inside from top to bottom.  Try wiping down half a dozen eggs and keeping them intact! 

They don’t call me clumsy for nothing!  Thus, I suppose my talents lie elsewhere…

Have a lovely day, folks!