Regarding Twitter:

As a malfunctioning adult (at times), and one who is learning how to bend social media to my advantage, I've finally gotten around to dissecting the Twitter account I set up 3 years ago. Catching up on social media is tough when you've been out of the loop so long, and I guess you could say I totally over-extended my vacation from life.  

Thank God I finally wised up and decided to make life in general work FOR me instead of against me, and this includes social media, specifically Twitter.  If you search my Twitter history, it will tell you I've been tweeting since 2009.  Not!  I joined in 2009, but didn't begin Tweetle-Deeing until late summer, 2011.  Forgive me, or don't bother looking at it, because it's embarrassing!.

I woke up this morning, thinking about what a lucky lady I am.  I have my loving family, my happy marriage to Joe, and the goals I'm achieving, step-by-step, every day are encouraging.  Rockin' Robin came to mind as I perused my Twitter mail, so jump to the right and enjoy the video--hopefully you're old enough to remember the Jackson Five!

Have a great day!